I was wondering about spirit

February 23, 2012
By LiamKingsley BRONZE, New Hamburg, New York
LiamKingsley BRONZE, New Hamburg, New York
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I was wondering about the concept of spirit:

some genuine ethereal manifest

You see, I was wondering about spirit:

whether it might be some luster, or maybe a glow, a faint shine

I’m having some difficulty separating it from light.

On or off

so to speak.

I mean, I was wondering about spirit:


I”m serious, I dream sometimes, often enough to

Well you see, it’s all prolonged interactions with distant acquaintances

Strung together with an unnerving comfort found in the utter strangeness.

It’s enough to give one


It’s not so much that I try not to think about it so much as I don’t.

and I don’t know if you can keep a secret but sometimes when I drive I wonder what it would be be like to veer into the other lane and let go

not for the death

just to see what it would feel like


See, I was wondering about your spirit:

Whether you’re like a light switch, a perfect circuit

because sometimes we all come up a little short.

And I’ve been wondering if I missed it.

Your luster, glow, shine.

Because, you know, my timing is never quite right.

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