Broken dove

February 23, 2012
By Unpluggjr BRONZE, Granbury, Texas
Unpluggjr BRONZE, Granbury, Texas
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Courage: it isn't the lack of fear, but the ability to face.

The flames dance up my arm. I can feel a warmth, but it does not burn. My gaze is stuck on the beauty of the dancers, my eyes watches every step with every leap. They make their way from my arm to my shoulder. Their dancing changes to which body part their on. I could feel the passion they had for each other as they hold each other tightly, fearing the other would disappear. They sway to the beating of my heart and shined brightly that I had to cover my eyes. When the light has faded, they were now dancing on my chest. The dancing people of flames had a wilded smile as they dance to a up-beat tune that I had no idea where was coming from. They started to glow again, even though I didn't want to move my eyes away. The time it was safe again to remove my hand after waiting impatiently to see them dance again. The warmth has morph into pure coldness. The flames was no where to be found, but there was two giants.  Their bodies weren't covered in flames, yet there was this very low glowing where both their hearts belong. I try to see the giants faces, but they have been covered with shadows. Without knowing who they were, I could tell that life was not pleasing to be the giants, they roared hateful things and threaten each other with such hatred. This can't not be the little flames, how could something so beautiful grow up to be monsters. The more they fought, the more the light died down. I tried to stop them, but I was bonded to a chair that gave me some movement, but it wasn't enough. I tried to cry out to them, but my words would be overpowered by their screaming. I shield my ears with my hands, yet their words keep finding a way into my head and has infected an innocent heart. 
Even though the night is gone and dead, the memory is well alive in my mind and is destroying everything as it pleases. After a few years, I have learned that the giants are really my parents. Were they the little flames that danced around me that night or were they memories of how they use to be? What made them turn into the giants? Is this what happens when people fall prey to life and let it play games with your love ones and destroy everything you hold the closest?

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