Madness descends

February 24, 2012
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Time distortion
Something in this day
Decides to play a little game today
Quiet voices
become a clamor
As you scream
"Ano ne.."
A voice
Whispers in your ear
Quiet begging
Begins to fade
As reality flies away
From your mad soul
The voices seem welcoming
She is there
Answer her
Quivering in fear
You turn
", onii-chan"
For she will kill
Your wanted soul
"Won't you...for me?
I love chasing you.."
Blood flies as you fall
Realizing that is not all
She is the last for you to see
Quiet melody
Grin an evil smile as you pass
"chi." (blood)
The last you hear is blood
And laughter
As your blood splatters
"Ai-shi-teru onii-chan!"

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