Witch Hunt

February 14, 2012
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In the style of “Casey at the Bat”

In a little town called Salem, which we’ve all heard about
A serious plague began, which made those folks lash out
For in this little export town or so many thought
A deadly plague broke out, which made the town distraught

A plague more worse than death itself, for so many feared
Another side of human self had just become revealed.
The people turned on all their friends, and made them start to itch
When they thought their friends could be an evil witch

Living in this town right then was like living with a mouse
The people wanted nothing bad to enter God’s great house.
A witch in fact, would tear to town, rip it shred by shred
And then when it’s done, the entire town would be dead.

The judge had gave fair trail, admit and simply be free
Yet if one denied, they’d be among the hanging tree
Just one little catch, if they’d happen to admit
They’d be stripped of all they own, because they seemed unfit

Only twenty of this horrible plague
A number to all, which seems rather vague.
If they wanted them out, then why did few die?
Perhaps they had some sense, thought it seems awry.

Giles Cory, a victim had an interesting trial
“I refuse to admit” said the old man Giles
So rocks were placed upon his chest, yet still he wouldn’t admit.
His rib cage cracked, and Giles lay under his stone pit

Now Giles Cory was a sweet old man, a church man pure at heart.
He and his wife Martha, had thought they’d never part
But sadly for the both of them, maybe it was fate
That made Giles Cory’s final words, a demand, “more weight”

Perhaps one says that these punishments are rough
But for George Corwin, this just wasn’t enough
The sheriff of the town had put Ol’ Cory to death
He was there to witness the old man’s last breath

But Cory cursed Corwin a lifetime of pain.
An unstable heart would he obtain.
Corwin just snickered, “Ha ha!” he had said
And before he knew it, Giles Cory was dead.

But his curse still reigned, many believe
For George Corwin was forced to take leave.
He died of a heart attack in 1696,
A chain more sheriffs had found down the River Styx.

This curse still lasts today, in Salem it resides
But that wasn’t all, Old Cory just decides.
He also put a curse on the town itself.
A useless curse one would think to their self

But see it through a Puritans eyes, see the curse at work
Walk in Salem today, and see why they’d go berserk.
To see a witch almost everywhere you go
A nightmare they all feared to have or, a big “NO”

Is this town still haunted, some of you may ask..
Do words still flow from the deads death mask?
For this none will ever be able to answer true,
But don’t misjudge or they’ll come after you…

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