February 24, 2012
By Hazeline SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Hazeline SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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There’s a shot down father
Who’s a great, fearless man-
Doesn’t matter how big,
It won’t be a bother.
Still, there’s one unbeatable foe amongst the defeated enemies.
It can’t hurt him physically, yet it brings him to his knees.
He’s fought back a handful of times,
But won’t anymore, as the way to win has been too hard to find.
He’s been twisted and bent out of shape.
To please his wife, he’ll do whatever it takes.
He’s hung on the edge for long, harsh years,
Clinging onto the rope through all the tears.
No matter how bad,
The fact that he still has hope is so sad,
Because he’ll never have that strong, sturdy rope,
That only God could make broke.
When his breaks, he falls
But never bawls.
He merely sighs
And executes “take 100” of his numerous tries.
He makes another rope,
And starts again with his undying hope.
In his life of unpredictability,
He misses the element of stability.
In the evenings, he sits alone.
The desolation turns his heart to stone.
There is no closing to his story,
There’s no happy ending or rewarded glory.
He’ll continue to roll the wheel of “trial and error.”
It’s an unbeatable game: a never-ending terror.

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