I am a Movie

February 26, 2012
By Carlie Skoufalos BRONZE, New Britian, Pennsylvania
Carlie Skoufalos BRONZE, New Britian, Pennsylvania
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I am a movie
You know the kind
The type where it opens with a girl in a car
As some inspirational song plays
Or maybe it will start differently
With her getting ready for school
Still there would be music
But maybe that’s not the point

I am a movie
The kind where the girl meets the guy
Whether they like each other right away or not
They still fall for each other though
The type where their relationship has a few bumps
A few rough patches before they can be happy
But maybe that doesn’t matter

I am a movie
The kind about life
Real life not that phony stuff
The type with laughter and tears
The movie where you connect with the characters
To the point you wish you could be one of them
Though maybe people don’t care about that

I am a movie
The type where the hero wins
And love conquers all
The type where all the loose ends are neatly tied up
And it ends with a song that makes everyone want to dance
Once again maybe that doesn’t matter
Because before I was a movie…

I was a book.

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