Inner Mind

February 8, 2012
By meWithoutU GOLD, San Diego, California
meWithoutU GOLD, San Diego, California
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Favorite Quote:
life is a puzzle
one that stumps everyone
your life can be grand
your life can truthfully suck
it all depends how you put it together
the big picture
and what it means
you have the power to change
so you choose
how do you wanna live

In the dark of the night

animals fleeing from the sight
Whats in the dark
only to turn and see my mark
What they are running from
remains unseen
traveling within the trees
coming closer and closer
desturbing the peace
only to find
its my inner mind
surrounded by pain
scars that dont heal
cover my soul
never to be seen
hidden under the stones
stones that cover my soul
my very being trapped
never felt joy or love
only hate and pain
the stones cover the life
found within my soul
afraid to let anyone know
what hides behind the stones
stones made of steel
covered in chains and spikes
the truth to my life
my life of pain
thinking to myself
will it help
the knife
to replace
the mental pain
with physical pain
do i dare try
The knife
to get away from pain
the pain that life brings
the need that only death can

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