A Responce Poem to Dandelions.

February 23, 2012
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I am pouncing.

I want to be elegant
Like a blissful dandelion
But my racing heart
Tries my life

I am a dandelion In my eyes & mind, at least
But others tell me different.
I want to withstand whether,
And stand big & tall.

I am vulnerable
They are strong

Not like me.
Not like me.

I am nor related to children…
I’m far less annoying.
Or a lion,
Not an ounce of bravery to be found.

I want to be nature-esc.
Exotic and flowing.

So I spend my time with the dandelions,
& waist my days away.
Then, when I get through with all my nine meaningless lives

I shall float away with the dandelions
And my innocence will be set free.

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