February 23, 2012
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Why can't they see me?
That I'm standing right here.
Why don't they listen?
When I'm screaming in their ear.
I know, they know, I know they hear me.
But all they do is stare blankly.
Am I not more important than stars in the sky.
I bet I'd be important if I laid down and died.
But what's the point? you had your chance.
My life to me is like a crystal ball.
So tiny and perfect I can't let myself fall.
But you, you stand there unknowingly.
Why I just try yo get you to notice me.
But you don't, and I'm just happy I tried.
It's better for me to die trying,
Then to know I let you slip right by me.
Like sand running out of my hand.
I wish you would comprehend.
That I, me, myself is important.
And if you want to pretend that I'm nothing.
That I am nothing time can wait for.
Then it's better for you to have turned around,
And walked right out the glass door.

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