February 23, 2012
I felt her kiss gently on my lips
Her tongue lit my entire being on fire
I had felt nothing quite like this
Her affection was my only desire

Our bodies entangled like in a beautiful dance
Touching each other all over
Like two drunkards in a drunken trance
Although she sought me when she was sober

I thought I lived for moments like this
But she was slowly letting me die
I thought i was living in perfect bliss
But now I'm just crying inside

She led me to a place I had never been
I followed like a blind man
She showed me things I had never seen
I opened my eyes and I was walking into quicksand

Ever so slowly I sunk
Staring into her soulful eyes
It must have been I who was drunk
Swimming in a sea of her lies

She can kill with a smile
She can wound with her eyes
I thought it was my fault all the while
Turns out I was swimming in a see of her lies

I'm flying high in the sky
Wishing i was deep in the earth
So i could be alone to wonder why
She didn't choose me over that other guy

Every second she's on my mind
Her name is always on my lips
I swore she was one of a kind
Until she dropped me into the beautiful blue abyss

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