Can Anyone Feel Me Now?

February 26, 2012
Can anyone feel me now?
Can anyone hear me now?
Can anyone feel my pain?
Can anyone hear me scream?

When you’re all alone,
When you’re on your own,
When you’ve got nowhere to go,
Where can you turn?

When you’ve fallen down,
When you’ve given up,
When you’ve had enough,
What do you do?

You can run to Him
Who loves you much.
He’ll feel you now.
He’ll hear you now.
He’ll feel your pain.
He’ll hear your scream.

With Him by your side
You are never alone,
Never on your own
With nowhere to go;
You’ll never fall,
You’ll never give up,
You’ll never have enough.

God will guide you through
All your times of pain.
He will never leave you
To cry in the rain.
God is here for you
No matter what.
God is here for you.
He’ll help you through.

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