February 19, 2012
By KComp SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
KComp SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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"religion should be discovered, not taught" -Unknown

Every night I fall into bed
Black and white static burning my head,
I close my eyes as tight as I can
Hoping my brain will soon understand,
Today was no different
But it doesn’t matter
Happiness isn’t served up on a platter,
But suddenly Im gone
Just like my trouble
Put far away
Captured in a bubble,
I know where I am
So I know I can smile
Ill be lost here
Searching for a while,
I wonder what ill find
But whatever it will be
I know that it’s something
I would care to see,
Because you see this new place
Where I am lost
Is always around
And comes at no cost,
I know that when im here
I can not be harmed
No matter how frightened
No matter how alarmed,
If I say fly
Then wings I might grow
If I say knowledge
Then all I will know,
Because the place that I am
As I can scarcely tell
Is three fourths to heaven
And one fourth to hell,
There’s only one matter
That makes me sad
I know it won’t be long
Till I hear my dad,
Calling my name
And waking me up
You see these dreams were my life
But then I grew up,

The author's comments:
there was a short while in my life where I had fallen into dangerous depression, at the time my only escape were my dreams, allowing me to enter a world all my own, and forget entirely about any conflict in my life, for some reason during this time every night my dreams were vivid and memorable, carrying with them a vary Alice in Wonderland feel to them, they are not like this much anymore now that I have gotten older, but I just wanted to attempt to express the emotion I felt while lost in these lucid dreams of mine,

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