February 18, 2012
By Anonymous

I want to hate them
With every fiber of my being
I want to quit on love
Everything they put me through,
All the things they still do
All the things they took away
All the things they didn’t give,
I want to hate them.
After all, they don’t love me
Not for who I am
But what I do.
I want to hate them.
I want to wipe my hands
Throw in the towel
And be done with them.
I have no sentimental feelings
That you have to love your family
They’re the ones that break you
I want to hate them
For every wound they caused me
For every lonely night
For every meal left uneaten
For every day left un-showered
I want to hate them.
For everything that was important
That they didn’t show up to
For every drunken fight
And every drunken fist
For every memory left tainted
With the smoke of her addiction
I want to hate them.
They don’t deserve my love.
They have every reason to be hated.
Why can’t I hate them?

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