Are you out there?

February 18, 2012
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To feel is an emotion that can be one of the best emotions,
But at the same time to feel is to be felt
And when no one feels you how are you suppose to feel?
All these emotions from one simple emotion.
Why can’t someone just feel me?
See where I’m coming from and not pretend like they know?
But to be honest I don’t want just anyone to understand,
Because then I won’t be unique.
I can’t stand the fact that they don’t understand
But at the same time I like my little bubble of solitude
That I’ve created were only I can laugh at stupid billboards,
And make a joke in my head that only makes sense to me.
But one day
I will come across a person who will yarn to be felt the way I do.
And our bubbles of solitude will join and become one
And we shall share our last breath of life together
Because our love is so strong that our hearts will beat as one.

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