Your Fault

February 18, 2012
By holagirl78 SILVER, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
holagirl78 SILVER, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
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I’ve shut myself down
Applied a permit frown
Always keep my head to the ground
Ask me what’s wrong and how long as this been going on
The tears that are left form and I say, “Sine you’ve been gone.”
I should have gotten use to it when I was eighteen months old
But instead I thought you would change
But instead I did
I don’t feel the kid
I use to be
Tears streak my cheeks
Black is the color of my life
I’ve ripped the string of the use to be kite
Alone is this scary world
With nobody to turn to
I feel like a pest that only hears shoo
Told myself that suicide was only the easy way out
(But I wanted it so bad)
But for now this messed up and confused girl tries to get about
(All alone)
I act alright with my friends
But deep inside there’s a hole that I do not know how to fill
But it’s not my fault
It’s all yours
That my mom is yelling about bills
That she has to struggle
(All alone)
That she has to work double hard
(All alone)
It’s your fault I’m like this
(All alone)
(All Alone)
(All Alone)

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