Stockholm Syndrome

February 8, 2012
By LydiaR. SILVER, Norwood, Massachusetts
LydiaR. SILVER, Norwood, Massachusetts
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Even after years it's amazing the hold you have on me.
Your kiss still make me smile and your smirk still drives me wild.
That playful taunting look in your eyes still make me cry.
You are my drug and I can't seem to break away.
There is no AAA or clinic to take you away.

You play with me all you want and I never say a word.
Is it crazy to love you so much when you're the devils spawn?
Is it crazy to love you so much when all you do is make me cry?
Is it crazy to love you so much when your kisses make me smile?

If a gun was to your chest I'd take the bullet.
You are my devils spawn,
Satan’s son.

Even though you make me smile,
you make me cry.
Still I can't deny these feelings inside.
You are the monster in my closet,
the stalker out my window,
the kidnapper in the ski mask,
and maybe,
this is just stockholm syndrome.

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