I Could Not Live

February 13, 2012
By Anonymous

The one I care about the most is my cat
He is fat, fluffy, dumb, and cute
I love when he sits next to me or on my lap
Purr so calming like a flute.
When we were young he fit into my palm,
A crumb
As round as a balloon
A real Loony-toon

The one I care most about is my cat.
He is as dumb as a donkey,
Can always catch a rat,
Climbs like a monkey,
He catches a fly it goes splat!

Even though I and he can’t play PS3
We hang out together as best friends
Even though I have other relatives
I hang out with him the most

Keeps me company,
A companion
I talk to him as if he were my best friend
He looks at me and I think he understands
The one care most about is my cat

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