Unwinding the teen years

February 13, 2012
The teen years are harder than they seem,
from the drama, to the things you wish were just a dream.

The things that you try to run away from,
the things that cant be undone.

You are now an unwind,
running from others,
moms, dads, sisters, and brothers.

Wishing you could change the past,
but now you worry on the things that probably won’t last.
It feels like its a lesson never learned,
but no respect is even earned.

Running away doesn’t solve a thing,
it just makes it worse for everyone, and everything.

There is a choice with every decision you make,
from the dreams at night, vision in the day, with every heartbeat, and every breath you take.

The stress and depression,
the parts of you now in someone’s possession.

And knowing who you really are,
do you REALLY think you will actually get far?

You are already going to “die”, be unwound,
but what you really think of it, its really confound.

You think you can get away with it, are you sure?
Or will you will you back down, give up, like what you do with a sickness with no cure.

You cant keep this up forever, being tracked, being followed,
keep it up then you’ll be hollowed.

If you’re a teen, reckless and relentless,
tell me how your gonna get through this.

Cutting, making scars, cutting deep,
you must be some sorta creep.

The need to stand up and scream,
like in a dream, it seems, real...

Let it all out, and shout, scream, but not in a dream, its real, and you can feel it in your throat.

Stress is everywhere, here, and there,
it’s life, deal with it.

It’s no reason to fight, run, curse, or slit.

This is still just the beginning, you are not done with this.

Do what you want, its your life, live free,
but whatever happens don’t blame me.

You hide in the dark, the worlds passes you by,
and sometimes you think you just wanna cry.

Your eyes are feeling heavy but they never seem to close,
the fan on the ceiling spins but the air is never cold.

You may feel all alone, and no one cant give you anything for you to call your own.

Waiting for the right time to move again, they can feel you breathing, and your hearts sinking, like a weight.

They can feel you’re heart beating, and its keeping them awake.

But it’s only until you’re eighteenth birthday,
you have what it takes okay?

Is it worth it, to only be 25% alive? 50%? in someone else?
Enough to survive? to live among everyone else?

There will be some a lot of tears,
and some cheers...

Sometimes you need to give up,
even thinking about it makes you wanna throw up.

But in the end, its time to be unwound...
For now, you are homeward-bound.

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