A heart

February 13, 2012
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a heart,
it has artery,veins and blood capillaries,
when you cut it open,
you see blood that will slowly to clot,
and you will see the valves,
the septum that divides the left and right,
but the heart i want to talk is not human,
but emotions of a human,
so everyone have a heart,
or is it?
if one is being cruel and mean,
they are say to not have a heart,
hence, they are not being human,
only as a cover of human with badness inside them,
so if you have heart,
you are to be kind and cared for others,
only then you have the right to be loved or to love,
you have a heart,
a heart to share its bits of happiness and sadness to other heart that is willing to share theirs and accept ours.

a heart,
when its cut,
if you look closely,
it may looks like a rose flower,
so give a rose to the person that you want to share your with,
as a symbolic,
to forever lasting love.
have a heart,
and you'll be fine

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Alfred Myo said...
Feb. 26, 2012 at 10:10 am
Muna, a great poem.. i love it!!! ^_^
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