Queen of the Meadow

February 13, 2012
I stare up at the cloudless blue sky.
The blistering sun sits in the middle of my vision;
So bright that I look away.

The wind causes rustling;
The leaves crackling and floating away.
And there stands a tree;
With one less leaf it had before.

The damp grass tickles my legs and I hug my knees to my chest.
I am alone in this peaceful state;
So perfect, so right.
It is the way I wish it would be all the time.

I pluck a daisy from the earth,
And finger it gently.
Before I know it;
I’m picking more and more.
There are plenty of daisies sitting in my lap.
My fingers begin to move swiftly,
Placing each daisy through another.
Before I know it,
There is a brilliant flower crown in my hands.
I rest it on top of my head.

I prance around the green,
Willing trees, flowers, bushes, leaves, everything,
To dance with me.
My entourage skips around the grass,
Laughing, playing, smiling.
And I know nothing can stop me now.

For I am,
Queen of the Meadow.

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