Fiction is a tragedy

February 8, 2012
By LydiaR. SILVER, Norwood, Massachusetts
LydiaR. SILVER, Norwood, Massachusetts
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There are times when,
We find ourselves in middle of an open field.
We're all alone, with no one to hold,
And we can't help but think of that one special song.
The memories of that special one who,
Stole our heart and threw it away
No matter what happens,
We cant move on.

It is a love so tragic
A love so beautiful,
Moves you to tears and breaks your heart.
It is more than reality
Fiction is a tragedy.
Love and lost control our life and,
There is no way to change it.
There is no denying it.

Wish you were by my side.
I want to hold your hand but,
Its more than reality
Fiction is tragedy.
And I once said to you
I won't love a ghost,
Can't you understand,
Your time of reign was over a long time ago.

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