Through Blood Shot Eyes.

February 13, 2012
By MeganWilliams BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
MeganWilliams BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Blood shot eyes sit on the street and watch.
A cry for help spills out of a pair of chapped lips.
But the cry falls silent to the world.
A small filthy hand reaches out for help but does not find.
The world has become dark through these eyes.
Blinded by blood and violence, red and black have fogged
these blood shot eyes.
A lonely naked figure with the face of a corpse is all that is seen
There is nothing left but a small lifeless body.
A figure with tired eyes and a smut covered face
has become invisible to the arrogant.
The tall figures surrounding those set of eyes have become
Content with their oblivion to their misery.
Horrors and destruction is all that is seen through
these shut eyes. Horrors that do not leave once awakened.
The pale skin of a German boy has been turned to red and black.
He cannot repose with the sound of bombs and cries of agony
at night. Smoke and dust fog these eyes; joy has been taken away from them.
A target has been painted on the innocent face of a
Small girl a target that cannot be subtracted until encountered.
Darkness clouds these broken eyes; innocence has been stripped away.
These are the horrors seen through blood shot eyes…
Blood shot eyes sit on the street and watch.
Cries for help overflow those eyes but only silence
Is returned.
The world has become nothing but red and black
When seen through those blood shot eyes.

The author's comments:
My heart cries for children who suffer in war. Through this poem i tried to give a picture of how children suffer in war.

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