You only live once

February 14, 2012
By dazeygirl BRONZE, High Ridge, Missouri
dazeygirl BRONZE, High Ridge, Missouri
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"For you I would stop the very rotation of the earth, simply to keep one moment forever."

Watching him sleep,
I feel so distant.
I held back my tears,
I tried to resist it.
His colorless face,
Once happy and cheerful,
Now breathes at a pace
Much slower than normal.
A monotone beep now fills the room,
A feeling of emptiness,
A feeling of gloom,
Sweeps over me swiftly.
My Daddy is gone,
Depression has hit me.
A lifeless body,
There he lies,
Kleenexes are damp,
From patting our eyes.
“Why God?” would you have to pick me?
A casket awaits
To carry my Daddy..
It was such a loss at only eleven
But I know now
He’s happy in heaven.
I learned a lot in those short two months,
Don’t take loved ones for granted
Because you only live once

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was eleven so it's not that great but it has a very sentimental meaning to me, so I decided not to change it. My dad died of kidney cancer and i used creatiity to overcome his loss.

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