chances not yet taken

February 14, 2012
By skybeauty GOLD, Granville, Illinois
skybeauty GOLD, Granville, Illinois
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"faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light" -helen keller

do u truly know someone?
for all they've done,
been through,
do u know there deepest darkest secret?
there greatest fear?
all there tears?
honestly I'm sure u don't,

for people these day hide more and more,
it lays within there soul,
u don't know some one truly,
u only see what they wanna show,
but on the inside there ready to blow,

have u ever thought about a persons life at home,
no cuz all u know is ur own,
u might wanna ask someone if there ok,
show that ur a person who cares,
that there not alone,

have u ever thought to pick up that phone?
call ur friend,
and see if there alright,
cuz they could be using there knife,
say there final goodbye,
in that suicide note,
taking there own life,

but my question to all of u,
and many more,
do u believe in getting help,
or would u rather lose yourself?

ur are not alone in this fight,
yet ud rather stay outta sight,
hide in ur shell,
ur cave,
or whatever u call ur place,

but to me,
there's so much of the world left to see,
and so many chances not yet taken..

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