The Girl in White

February 10, 2012
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Banging on the walls,
Trying to escape,
“Tsk tsk” she says,
“You're not going anywhere”,
Laughing maddeningly,
They know this is the end for them.

She looks so innocent,
You're so wrong,
She's a monster,
A killer,
She does this for fun,
She's sick,

Little girl dressed in white,
“Come play with me!” She begs,
You fall so easily into her trap,
You would have never suspected her,
To be the cause of your death.

You follow her to the door,
It gets darker and you get confused,
“Where are we going?” you ask,
“To go play of course!” she smiles so innocently,
If only you knew,
She'd be the death of you.

You walk into the room,
Slightly aware of what will happen,
She's just a little girl you think,
But only if you knew that she is so much more,
She isn't as young as you think,
She's been doing this for years,
Killing innocents,
Just like you.

The smell is terrible,
Rotting flesh,
Disembodied heads all around,
Skulls litter the floor,
A sight so terrifying you want to cry,
The further you go,
The more intense it seems,
Everything that enters this room,
Never leaves.

You try to scream,
Your blood freezes,
Heart beats faster,
The girl walks toward you with her knife in hand,
“You're going to die now” She whispers,
You cannot move from the fear,
She lunges,
The knife plows into your heart,
You feel it explode,
Dropping to the floor,
You're dead.

Blood on the walls,
Bodies cover the floors,
All dead except one,
The girl dressed in white,
Playing with a knife,
Blood covers her,
All she can do is smile.

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