Just a Ride

February 10, 2012
By ykmbhappy1 SILVER, McLean, Virginia
ykmbhappy1 SILVER, McLean, Virginia
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- my grandfather

Just a ride
You and I were spinning, racing,
Hearts pouding
Breath heavy
Eyes wide open
Laughing maniacally
Pure joy in the form of adrenaline

Just a game.
A twisted game of follow the leader.
First you would take the lead,
Running, dodging, pulling away
Until we're both panting and tired...
Then it's my turn.

Just a dance.
We pull together
And then spin apart,
In a dizzying pattern
To no music...our hearts keep rhythm
Excitement builds
Then it's over
And, elated, we bow to the applauding crowd.

Just a thought
You and I never had to think
We never had to try
Everything came naturally
Maybe a little too easily

Oh well,
Easy come easy go.

At least...that's what you said.

The author's comments:
Sometimes love is a game, and you play it for fun.

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