Time Machine

February 10, 2012
I’m wishing for a time machine
So I could travel to long ago
Back when I was innocent
And life had no regrets
Back when I was young
So full of life and fun
Back when I had friends
Everyone I met I loved
Back when I did well in school
I still cared enough to try
Back when I said no to you
You didn’t quite know why
Back when I changed my mind
But still you walked away

I’m wishing for a time machine
So I could travel back in time
Back when I spent a hundred lonely nights
Praying for your love
Back when my heart became hard
To protect myself from you
Back when you played games with me
Then blamed confusion not on you
Back when at last I gave up
How could I go on with out you
Back when I realized
Friendship was best
Back when I ignored my own heart
For what you wanted for yourself

I’m wishing for a time machine
So I could undo all my mistakes
I’d not regret
I’d still have fun
I’d love whomever I met
I’d always care
I’d have said yes
I’d have never changed my mind
I’d have prayed for more important things
I’d have kept a soft spot in my heart
I’d have seen through all your games
I’d have never given up so easily
I’d have always been your friend
I’d have never turned away from myself

But as we all know
These machines do not exist
As you go through life
You’ll have to learn
All mistakes lead somewhere
Even if you can’t see the path clearly

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