Letter To Myself

February 10, 2012
Dear Destiny Chantal,

Sometimes I Want To Scream Your Name From The Rooftops So People Can Hear It Through The Trees And Know That You Are Somebody Worth Saving. You've Seen Many Things In Your 19 Years Of Life That I Don't Think Anyone Can Recover From. I Want You To Know That You're Stronger Than You Think You Are. Your Thoughts Are An Oasis Of Words Ready To Spill From The Cracks That Formed So Long Ago. You Are Somebody Worth Saving. You Are Poetic Beyond Measure Artistic At Best And You Care About People More Than You Should And People Take Advantage Of That Star Quality. They See You As A Door Mat. A Place Where They Can Wipe Their Dirty Shoes On. Mud Fills Your Cracks And You Hope That It Will Harden And Make You Whole Again. Wipe That Frown From Your Face. Its Always Best To Smile You Never Know Whose Watching You. I Want To Scream My Name From Rooftops So That It Travels Between The Leaves And Lets People Know That I'm Someone Worth Saving.

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