I'm done

February 10, 2012
By Lovers_Wake BRONZE, Alexandria, Virginia
Lovers_Wake BRONZE, Alexandria, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
Love is our weapon.

My tears mean nothing.
Why should I cry?
Darkness fills my heart.
Leaving an empty shell. Of a person I once was.
I don't care for help anymore.
Cause everything I touch wilts, and dies.
If I could give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes.
Would you stay with me?
Figured not, what am I to you anyway.
Longing for a purpose sense he stole mine.
The man I once fell in love with, destored.
Life use to be so much fun.
But now why does it seem i feel nothing.
I want to see your smiling face, maybe to bring back the lost girl who died.
A demon am i?
A lover i onced was.
Whats the use of giving your heart out knowing that they will just break it and leave you behind.
Maybe one day we'll meet and you'll finally see the true me.
The girl with the eyes of sorrow.
begs for love.
as I drag my shadow along a path with whispers of selfish and greed.
My shadow protects the girl.
hides her away from people who wants to use this pretty face.
too nieaved to know the truth.
born to be burned.
never to whisper the words " I love you."
to her new friend.
A puppet she's become a play thing.
If i had one wish from my last request.
it would be to take the heart you stole, and kill it
myself... </3

The author's comments:
oh I'm just a little stressed.

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