To Destroy the World

February 10, 2012
To Destroy the World

It is easy to destroy the world, to make barren its lands and enslave its people. To crush the spirit of liberty, to destroy freedom and hope. The way to destroy the world is not to strike at goodness and justice, To crush the kind and reward the cruel. to strike at the light, and let the people see only darkness, that is not the way to destroy the world. You need not be strong, or lead an army of millions. You need not power or followers. You need only words. You need only the words of freedom and liberty. The words of strength, bravery, and justice. To take these words, and hide them away, To lock them in a vault of oppression and deny them to those who would be kind, those who would save humanity with these words, that is the way. Weapons are not needed, warriors not essential. You need only words. That is how to destroy the world.

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