February 10, 2012
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As high school starts I tell myself that I can’t wait to get out,
As years go on graduation is all I think about.
As I’m in class my teachers say be careful because time flies,
I shake my head and tell myself that they’re just feeding me lies.
As I finally lay down after doing homework in my bed late at night,
The thoughts of life after high school start to give me a fright.
What am I going to do with myself when I’m grown and gone away?
I go to bed and tell myself that things will be okay.
College letters are pouring in and for once you see your mom cry,
It’s senior year, big decisions, and dang has time flew by.
Jobs are popping into my head and careers are hard to choose,
My parents tell me to try them all because there’s nothing to lose.
As I think back to freshmen year it’s all such a blur,
And now I’m a senior, the school is mine, I am the conquer.
One thing that I will not miss is all the drama and fights,
And staying up to do your homework as late as 12 some nights.
I won’t miss the gross lunches that are barely even real,
Or snotty girls being rude just to tell someone how they feel.
But one thing that I know I’ll miss is the memories that high school provided,
It’s time to graduate and experience college and man am I excited.

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