February 10, 2012
By John Shook BRONZE, Papillion, NE, Nebraska
John Shook BRONZE, Papillion, NE, Nebraska
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As I lie here awake
Broken and beaten
I can only slip away
Away to a place far away
Far away from you
You broke me down
Into what you wanted
Now I’m broken for good
Now I go away from you
To finally make my escape
Dashing towards a dream like land
Where I can live in peace
I do not hate you for what you have done
I only wish it wasn’t me
But I guess they were right
I should have listened
To all my friends that said your bad
And only a cancer
That grows and grows
Till you are dead and gone
Then they move on to the next
To do the very same
But here I stand
Before I go
To kill you off for good
Now you die to never live again
I can finally sleep
To rest my head
Upon a soul that truly loves me
And that make me happy
And feel safe
This is you
You’re my savor
My last and only chance
I am safe
And that’s all that matters
Now and forever

The author's comments:
This is for everyone that was in a horrible relationship and they found their quote, unquote savor.

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