Life of a mountain

February 10, 2012
Life is a Mountain the future is unpredictable
There are so many ups and downs that people go through.
The people that are the closest to you, you eventually loose.
There are so many roads you can take and different paths.
But you can never predict the future.
The hard roads you go down, it eventually heels by something new happening
If you fall you just have to get back up and be stronger then ever
Not everything you do can be perfect
You just have to go with the flow and live life the fullest
Never regret anything you’ve ever done
Cause one day you’ll realize it happened for a reason
People change and people start to drift away that
Were close to you at one point
But then new people come in your life
They start to make an impact on you
They start to get you to like what they like
Realizing how important they are to you
You will never know what’s coming for you
Everything is meant to happen

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