February 22, 2012
By , Lutz, FL
You left me for dead
Left me lying on the ground
The final thoughts leaving my head
My mouth unable to make a sound

With my last breath i raised my head
And watched you turn your back
My head fell back as if it was filled with lead
And the Horseman began his attack

The darkness engulfed me
Like a bed of flames
I was all the Horseman could see
He knew me by name

He showed me to my resting place
He said i must remain there until the clock no longer had life
I told him i didn't feel safe
When i saw the shimmer off of his scythe

This Horseman was a familiar face
But only in a dream
He comes and goes without leaving a trace
I can always hear his ghastly scream

The Horseman is a daunting figure
and Death is his horse
He makes me want to pull the trigger
And take my life off it's current course

The gun is in my hand
I can feel the cold metal on my skin
The steering wheel of my brain is unmanned
This feeling is coming from deep within

The gun is pressed up against my head
I can hear the Horseman's calls
At this moment, my heart bled
And i was released from these four walls

I woke up and dropped the gun
Shocked, but relieved at what i had just done
I looked around but saw nothing
I realized i was no longer a person

Looking around, it appears I'm in hell
The Horseman is back in his home
He escorted me to my own personal cell
He took away my freedom to roam

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