Natural Indecision

February 22, 2012
Faced with indecision.
Standing at the cross-roads
All the known and any formal abodes
Lay behind you.

Lost in the wind,
Hidden by rain
Wandering on some path
In attempt to avoid the unknown
But only in vain.

Should you go right?
Why not go left?
What a typical plight.

Something ‘typical’ that we all must face.
A decision.
A plight.
A choice.
A problem.
The past, present, or the future.
One day, we all will reach that place.

Friends and foes,
In forms of wind and snow,
Continue to flurry and flow
Bringing on the typical unknown.

Dark willowy trees stand tall,
Suffocating the air,
Representing those problems,
That we all know are there.

Confusion clouds the mind.
But the mist rises with time.
It rises up,
Up into the sky,
Only to leave more questions behind.

So many choices to make.
So many complications to face.
So many ways to go,
Yet still you do not know.

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