Unanswerd Prayer

February 22, 2012
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Flat braid hanging down her back.
Pencil tight in her hand.
Blue crystal eyes stare into space,
unable to concentrate.
Last night is on her mind,
a tear runs down her face,
burning the sore under her eye.

It happened too fast,
too quick, unexpected.
And when her classmates ask,
What happened to your eye?
she laughs and blames it on her own stupidity.
But deep down, it burns,
more than the sore under her eye.
A sore in her heart will never heal,
caused by the stupidity of her own father.

Unforgettable, one time too many.
Wiping a tear off her face, she sighs
as she finally confesses to her mother.
A gasp, disbelief
then anger strikes her mother’s face.
They hug each other,
never letting go.
Why? Is the only intolerable question on their minds.

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