What Makes Me Smile

February 18, 2012
I’m the depressing one
Pessimistic and dark
People have told me so for years
I’ve just always accepted it

Struggling to be perfect
Being an adult for too long
Always having to be the responsible one
It can eat away at your soul

Yet there are those who see me
Not my mask of perfection
Not for my grades
But the real me, the one invisible behind all of my schemes

And we talk
And without fail
Someone always asks
“What makes you smile?”

And you know something?
You make me smile
Without fail
Talking to you always puts that stupid grin on my face
But why?
Of all people, why you?
You’re just another friend
Someone I talk to

But you scare away the darkness
You bring back the warmth
Life doesn’t seem so bad anymore
Everything, for the first time, is right

So, I let people think what they want
Let them believe I’m as dark as night
And as cold as ice
That I’m just another sad, lost soul

But, as usual, people are wrong
They don’t know me, because they don’t care
And what they don’t know
Is how you make me smile

You make me, me
My family will never understand
And my friends merely attempt to care
They will never know the truth

You make me smile
You take the pain away
You will never leave me
You are my everything

That’s why I smile
Not because people tell me to
Not because I’m happy
Because I Love You

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Agasaya said...
Apr. 19, 2012 at 9:09 am
This poem is a fantastic interpretation of many teenagers' lives. I, myself, have had this problem for awhile now. There are just some people in this world that make you......happy. You never want to lose them. This was incredibly well written. Keep it up!
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