Death's Sleeves

February 18, 2012
By MorrowGrey BRONZE, Williamsburg, Virginia
MorrowGrey BRONZE, Williamsburg, Virginia
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You can trust three people with a secert if you just kill the other two and leave yourself with only you

She cries in the inside
Bleeds on the out
The blood of her pain screams out all
Of her doubts
The black sleeves hide her shame.
Each tear gives her the same.
With these scars on her wrist that tells of their lies.
They whisper to her as she slowly dies.

The blade of the knife held under her face.
She looks in the mirror in disgrace.
Touches the glass as it breaks.
One last breath left to take.
Suffocating word after word.
Her screams and tears won't be heard.
Cries to death to take her far away.
Allow her to leave all of her pain.

Suddenly she crashes on to the ground.
No one but death is around.
The chills of his boney fingers stretched out across her waist
As the kiss of death kisses her away from all her fears.
She cries no more tears.
Deep inside the venom from the kiss sinks.
Suddenly she starts to think.
How bad she wishes someone cared.

All the pain she felt she just couldn't bear.
As her heart stops its last beat.
Death places her on her feet.
She cries in the inside
Bleeds on the out.
Death rushes to save her without a doubt.
His black sleeves hide her away.
From a world that never saw her pain.

The author's comments:
its all in his hands.

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