Wonderland Drabble

February 18, 2012
By ChibiOfEvil8 SILVER, San Marcos, California
ChibiOfEvil8 SILVER, San Marcos, California
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She walked down the old dirt road,
Not bothering to look behind,
Quickly following the scampering rabbit,
Being spirited away,

With every step she got farther from home,
But closer to Wonderland,
And there in the dirt a few feet ahead,
Was a Rabbit hole,

So she fell down,
Spiraling towards her Wonderland,
Landing in a white room,
She drank the liquid left out for the fool,

And she opened the door,
Stepping into her wonderland,
Without any fear,
She became another Alice,

She walked further,
Meeting creatures that tried to deter her,
She became another Alice,
Stuck inside her Wonderland,

And she became just another story,
Just another face,
Just another lost soul,
To all who dwelled in Wonderland.

The author's comments:
A drablle about Alice in Wonderland. I'm not quite sure where it came from...It was just a quick thought of mine.

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