Drunken Death of a Routine

February 18, 2012
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It became a daily routine,
Something I was used to,
Something to count on,
Something that I thought would never change…

It started with a quick “Hello, Good morning, Did you sleep well?”
And you would laugh, hugging and twirling me around,
And I would smile,
And you would go on and on about things,
I wished that that had never changed,

You gave me a beacon when I was stuck in my darkest nights,
You stuck out your arm when I needed to be pulled up,
You had your famous teddy bear hugs when I felt down,
And when I drowned you dove in after me,

But then that day came,
When you were driving home,
Late at night,
Following the rules,

When the drunk driver struck,
Slamming into the side of your old red Pick-Up truck,
And the world stopped,
As you took a last quick breath,

You died instantly,
As soon as the drunk driver made contact,
With that old Pick-Up,
And you didn’t feel pain,

And you were a good boy,
Who didn’t dwell on bad things in life,
You always were there for me,
And now you’re gone…

The night that drunk driver struck,
Is one I’ll never forget,
Because those bright green eyes,
Are never going to open again.

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