My Shower

February 17, 2012
By smallscee BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
smallscee BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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My shower time,
My shower, mine.
Outside I'm fine.
Inside my cries,
just for help.

drip drop.
drip drop.

I'll admit, it keeps me sane.
gives me time to figure out what thoughts are going through my brain.
no one there to judge my thoughts, no disagreements on things already fought.

drip drop.
drip drop.

Should I love this? yeah sure. why not?
The loneliness under my bare skin somehow reaches out and embraces the water.

drip drop.
drip drop.

silently, I let the steam soften my insides. my brain. my heart.
practically melting.
for half an hour or two.
somehow my thoughts run back to you.
How.. & Now.
Now, I give up. & Now I give up and let it go.
& at this moment I cry my heart out with my head leaning against the shower wall.
it's funny how my tears are identical.
Finally I get out, hug myself with lotion & find my clothes.
I'm alive but I feel so dead.
& somehow I manage to leave and close the door.
just so I can come back in the morn' & repeat.

The author's comments:
I wrote this a little while back actually. What this free verse was mainly about has to do a lot with my sadness, & taking showers helps me cope with it. Most people say their sanctuary is their room, mine happens to be my bathroom in that bathtub/shower.

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