Blue Skies

February 17, 2012
By alexlee BRONZE, Wabash, Indiana
alexlee BRONZE, Wabash, Indiana
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Blue skies, blue skies,
So much like his blue eyes,

Blue skies filled with bliss,
Flying high in memories.

Gloom swarms over,
Consuming blue skies,
Consuming his blue eyes.

Sweet, boyish smell fades in pouring rain,
Tears run away from his pain,
Lightning strikes her eyes,
Pushing her into a fog of bleakness,

Guilt fills the once beautiful, blue sky,
Anguish spills down, down with pain,
Washing everything away,
Sorrow screams out of dark, coal clouds.

Blue skies, blue skies,
So much like his blue eyes.
Oh, where have you gone,
Blue skies?

The author's comments:
I recently broke up with my boyfriend. Even though I broke up with him, it kind of broke my heart as well as his. This poem is basically saying that this once beautiful, blue sky, gets covered in a storm. My boyfriends and mine relationship was once a beautiful blue sky, but it a storm came and it ended.

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