Rose Shades

February 17, 2012
Before you judge me,
Look in my eyes
And tell me,
What I have done that you haven’t.

Before you call me names,
Think about it,
Do you really know me?

Before you throw stones--at my heart
Look in my eyes
And see,
Maybe, just maybe,
It’ll hurt?

Before you bask in the light,
Think about it,
She can come back once more.

Go run, run and tell the world,
The fake has strike again.
Shallow as the sand bar,
Why would he know her?
Why would she befriend her?

You are the one,
We should love, worship, and cherish.
To never doubt,
No matter all the virtues perish.

It’s time to take off the mask
And the rose shades.
Time to show who you really are.

You never were and never will be
Take off those rose shades,
Show yourself in the daylight
And burn!

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