February 17, 2012
By Cory123 SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cory123 SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Split in two Democrat and Republican
Where in this all together
Not Democrat alone or Republican alone
But we are all Americans
Doesn't matter what.

Split in two different political parties
One of the same at the core Americans
Not Democrat or Republican
Does it really even matter
cause in my book we are all Americans.

It doesn't matter Democrat or Republican
We are all one nation, one America
We are all Americans
doesn't matter black or white, North or South
Doesn't matter Democrat or Republican.

What signifies you shouldn't be Democrat or Republican
What signifies you should be being an American
We are all human, Americans
A good old American nation
Living on what made us a nation.

In the end we are all Americans
No matter if you vote Democrat or Republican
In fact there should only be one party
A good old American party.

The author's comments:
about how voting is taking over and no one is doing anything to better america.

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