The Scary Truth

February 17, 2012
A new life I have found
Let me show them they can’t push me around
Someday because of me their world will all fall apart
They’ll fall from the pedestal they created for themselves

Hold my head high
It’s been awhile since you looked my way
Honestly I don’t know why you detest me so
No more hiding is what I say
This what you always wanted right?

Tell me you don’t see what is blatantly staring you in the face
I dare you to care
To read the words I write
The ones you’re so afraid to face
Feel the meaning behind it all

Am I too close for comfort?
Arm outstretched, hand open
It’s just a piece of paper
With a simple poem
There's no harm intended
Cautiously he asks "What’s that?"
"The truth." I reply simply

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