Scarred emotion

February 17, 2012
Deep Beneath a hearts bleeding
Everyday a heart crying out
Awaiting a chance to be heard
And each day, another hearts ignored
For those unanswered
Fear roams in
The aspect of a heart awaiting
Shedding deep tears
Not to fall, but to crash
Young and strong
Old and wise
Breathing harshly, Breathing slow
If only you knew; there, awaiting another to be cherished
For the many to escape, to be free
Theirs truth hidden
And a darkness surrounding,
A beauty seeking
Ready to shine
To peak out and search for another
Within holds scarred emotions
Deep; never to be shown
Surrounded and feared, afraid they’ll never be let known
Never enough
A heart awaiting peace
To be fulfilled
This heart
Seeking another as its own :)

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