Backwards Cupid

February 17, 2012
By Anonymous

From my Heart of hearts a single part belonged to you
In a scary place with a mixed up face, a man with a job to do
Break it quick with quiver and bow, be my backwards Cupid
Come closer, Dear, the Blood is Hot, let me melt your heart
If not for you, for me then, Love, end a poor soul's Suffering
If care you not, then cast me out, me your helpless Babe
Do remember when I was no more than that? Your Babe?
You held me tight and whispered sweet nothings and nothing more
Why would you?
To you, I was Nothing more
You're cruel, Sweetheart -I hope you know- Shall I tell you with my eyes?
I Hate you.
I Love you.
Did you see it? Your Demise?
I'll come for you in the Dark of Night and Kiss you with Cherry Red Lips,
Then give you a red smile of your own, earn Eternal Bliss.
You killed me inside.

I killed the shell you left behind.
You heard me scream as you walked away, didn't you?
Honey, are you listening? Do you hear me whisper in your ear? Shall I scream?
Do you feel me lying beside you- waiting to pull you through?
I hope you do.
I knew you were coming too.

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