What Matters the Most

February 16, 2012
By shawna25 BRONZE, Thomasville, Pennsylvania
shawna25 BRONZE, Thomasville, Pennsylvania
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Live, love and laugh at the

Things you did

When you were young.
Look back to those days

Where you had a difficult time

Getting through those tough times.
The ones that gave you nightmares

And the ones that didn’t.
The ones that are sour full

To the ones that are way to

Look back at the time

Where you have lost a pet,

Especially the one you absolutely love.
Look at those pitiful eyes and that sorrow soul

Gleaming up at you saying…..

“ Please don’t leave me laying here.. Just please don’t.”
But all you can do now is stand and stare

As your pet has to get ready

For this sad moment.
As time goes flying by you start to grow up

And keep things more close.
From those lovely laughing paintings

To your favorite concert tickets you lost a long time ago.

Now its time to keep those things in mind and remember what is more important.

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