February 16, 2012
By Evanescent.Eternity BRONZE, Elk Grove, Illinois
Evanescent.Eternity BRONZE, Elk Grove, Illinois
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Blades of grass blend together, yet like snow flakes each one is different
Green waves in the gale
In a night, dissipates
Only to come back again, a lasting torrent as sure as the millennia is sure to pass

Life and death
Anger and forgiveness
Ignorance and enlightenment
Each passes like cherry blossom petals
For even if we were to harbor a grudge our entire lives,
We would just die bitter, our lives as fleeting as the moons fullness

Our evanescence
Our curse
Our freer
Forever our keeper

A white rose intertwined with a red
The knot of eternity shining like the sun above the flowers

Truth is hard to hear.
It makes us change when we hear it in entirety
Except for those who close their ears
Happy to be content in a cowards cave

A rat stands on a pillar.
All try to reach her.
In utter falseness of what happiness is
Blind ignorance of what shall be once the rat is reached

Deceit is often seen as unforgivable
Yet, many of us, commit it against ourselves
The perfect lie
One that you have trouble identifying in its essence in all consciousness

An interminable thorn in the side of others

Our Evanescence is our keeper
It saves us from insanity

The author's comments:
I am 17. I go to Elk Grove High School. I have been a writer ever since going through a dark period in my life. I feel my writing expresses truth. Truth that, even I sometimes, do not want to hear.

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