Padded Rooms and Induced Nightmares

February 16, 2012
Pure fear, concentrated and shot through my body making me shiver.
A room with a dome of plexi- glass mirror dead center on the ceiling and soft coffee colored walls.
A window lets in light and the stares from staff
Thrashing and throwing my side into the door for hours until exhaustion holds me to the floor.
White coats and needles. Velcro straps make a bed into prison.
Another dose or normalcy and my body feels numb.
They want me to stare into nothing and have no opinion.
Their words slur together but the tone is relentlessly cruel.
Calm monitored walks to the river excite us.
The rock above the water invited me upon itself.
It kissed the sky goodbye for me as I dove into the shallow freedom.
Now they take the pills to calm their nightmares.

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